Mike Miles on Houston ISD

By Nat Malkus | Mike Miles

August 23, 2023

In May, Eric Hanushek and Steven Rivkin joined the podcast to discuss their research on Dallas Independent School District’s Accelerating Campus Excellence program and its Principal Excellence and Teacher Excellence initiatives.

The man who implemented these reforms, Mike Miles, was superintendent of Dallas ISD from 2012 through 2015, and, in May, was serving as the CEO of Third Future Schools.

However, on June 1st, following a state takeover of Houston Independent School District, Miles was named the next superintendent of Houston ISD. Since then, he has made quite the splash.

On this episode of The Report Card, Mike Miles joins Nat Malkus to discuss the reforms he is implementing in Houston ISD and his views on district leadership and school reform more broadly.

Nat Malkus

Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Education Policy Studies

Mike Miles

Superintendent, Houston Independent School District