A Letter From Robert Doar

Welcome to the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank based in Washington, DC. I’m AEI President Robert Doar. Established in 1938, AEI is a community of scholars and supporters dedicated to tackling our nation’s greatest challenges by producing work that promotes our institute’s core values: free people, free markets, and limited government. We promote economic opportunity for all, healthy institutions of civil society, and a strong American role in the world. While we are Washington-based, we are not Washington-focused.
AEI is, above all else, an intellectual community. Our scholars drive the competition of ideas on today’s most critical policy issues and draw attention to those that have yet to be widely recognized. They are commenting in the public square and reaching citizens across the country, all while offering the best ideas and independent empirical research to our nation’s leaders.
I hope you will explore our research and engage in our work.  Thank you for visiting us.

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