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AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are dedicated to the principle that American global leadership is vital to a peaceful, prosperous, and free world. Our research focuses on both today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges and spans the world’s geopolitical flash points. Topics of study include national security and defense, global terrorism, transnational threats, and economic statecraft, across regions and countries such as the Middle East, China and East Asia, India, Europe, Latin America, and Russia.

Kori Schake is the director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at AEI.

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August 28, 2023
American Enterprise Institute

Defense Appropriations Highlights and Conference Issues

August 16, 2023
American Enterprise Institute

Defense Authorization Highlights and Conference Issues

August 09, 2023
American Enterprise Institute

10 Ways the US Is Falling Behind China in National Security

August 01, 2023
Asia Society

Prioritizing Southeast Asia in American China Strategy

Coalition Defense of Taiwan

This initiative will examine alternative strategies for the United States and its allies to deter The Chinese Communist Party’s aggression and, if necessary, defeat the People’s Liberation Army.

Defense Fiscal Year Countdown

Provided here is a countdown of legislative days when both the House and Senate will be in session before the end of the fiscal year and an opportunity to learn why AEI’s defense experts are paying close attention to it.

A New China Playbook

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has spun a narrative that China is destined for dominance—a narrative that many inside and outside China have accepted uncritically.

But AEI scholars’ research on China paints a different picture.

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